A re-start for astart-over

I am waiting for a day where we meet one each other where i shake your hand and tell you my name. In other words to start over from the beginning as a new me and a new you.


Love Story in Taiwan.

I spent for almost 2 years in Taiwan. In my first semester I did not have any interest to have a love story. Not because I was too busy, but all was just because I did not have any thought of it. Until in the first winter in my 24years old of my  life time, it was January 2015 I met somebody has innocent face.  No , actually in my sight he is so charismatic but his aura is just so humble. First time I met him directly was here, in Taiwan, and I knew that this kind of man does exist in this earth after I was accepted in NCYU which is a school to pursue my master degree. We are the member of one group and we are the facebook member of that group as well. as a new student wannabe  in Taiwan, I added all of my seniors from my region to be my facebook friend list, and he was included. I did not have anything in the beginning until I realized he is such a kind of smart guy like another man in the group.


Let me make it shorter.I fall in love by his aura.  I stalked his information and asked some of my friends about him, they did to know him since he was in his college life. i wish I knew you before, that was my thought after questioning his information to some of my close friends. Yeah, everyone said that he is awesome and incredible. In that time I told myself,,oiyaaa,,you are just like another lady to let your knee bow down for him. A lot of lady admire him as I do. Then there was a time I lose my faith, until I decided to attach him in my praying request again.


One year and a half, started from my second semester until my last semester in Taiwan, it was and is him for me to remember and pray for. I don’t think that I waste my time, but in my mind, it will be fine eventhough I love him in vain. If you ask me why, my answer is just one. Because it is love not ambition.

Agriculture Deserves for Moving Forward: Enhancing R&D to adopt appropriate Technology

Education as an economic engine. Matters I concern about here is how I combine about education, agriculture and economic growth. I focus in my hometown, the only place in this planet I am proud of.  I really have seen a different sight about agriculture with others who said that there is no future in agriculture and it is going to be replaced by industrialization. Well, agriculture smell does not mean have no ability to be included for industry in this industry revolution.  My curiosity frequently sinks me in a deep crazy of the matters and how I satisfy my thirsty??? Fortunately I now get so easy access to my “water” to drink. And here is my “water”:  Thanks for being so easy to access  the online international journal, free e-book, many valuable and new informations from great teachers here.

While I am typing it, I claim myself as a naïve woman. Of Course, I realize that all things, that drive me to make it, is a reality that is captured in some research papers. In the glance, the sound is so theoretical because it has been captured in a paper, but I talk here based on an experience (captured on paper) that does exist in another country and I even do not experience it. Yet, I have to admit with all of my circumstances (my understanding, my back ground, my perspective) the way I want to make my dream comes true “looks” clear and more. In a simple word, those things have been my perfect inspiration, since it came in the first time rooted in my brain.

I am pretty sure that education is an economic engine as I mentioned in the top. One  statement comes from an Oxford scholar, emphasizes that the universities are increasingly being viewed by policy makers as engines of regional economic growth via the commercialization of intellectual property through technology transfer.

Here, in my written dream, as a citizen from one of a new developing regency in Indonesia named Humbang Hasundutan my mother land I am proud of, will dedicate my limited thought and  future action to its economic growth. Accomplishing this dream with many young people who own the same vision is much more than great. I am so happy to realize that young people in my hometown have an easy access to go to the university which is stated in our region. There  is a private midwifery academy in Humbang Hasundutan which is good enough to enhance the public health of this region, and there is another public midwifery academy in another neighbourhood regency in North Tapanuli in terms of distance  is very reachable. Another school nearby is a technology institute stated in another regency Tobasa but still it is so easy to be reached from my region. Yet, there is still some lacking for our people to reach those mentioned schools.

But, there is one need is left behind. In Humbang Hasundutan regency farming is the main source for the livelihood income, and farming system generally harm the environment, this region needs agricultural institute produces knowledge to develop the level of technology adoption within the farming system.

In this era, the transition from agricultural economy to a pattern of industrial economic system,  characterized by the owning of machine or production technology (factory) that produce goods to meet the people needs, needs an aware in order to protect the conventional farming system and environment itself  in Humbang Hasundutan  regency (but, actually in Indonesia generally).

The presence of agricultural institute in this region will help to eradicate an impediment of conventional farming system to adopt the knowledge. The idea is about the technology transfer brings the agriculture atmosphere to be more feasible enough to follow the industrialized era. The collaboration between the government-university-industry is a crucial thing needs to be done intensively. The government will be the policy maker about adopting an appropriate knowledge/technology with the society, the university will be the centre for the agent of the individu in doing research about identifying the agricultural problems and the source for the knowledge to overcome any sort of the problems, industry is the actor who will provide the technology to fulfill the technology needed. This triple helix collaboration will address the agriculture in Humbang Hasundutan to be able to compete.

An aggressive research and development (R&D) needs to be encouraged. a good performance of R&D is obtained by the commitment of university/institute involved. There are hundreds  college in North Sumatra capital city, S-1 and D-III level, both public and private school, but only a few schools have commitment to increase the R&D. judgement I made is based on the website menu, that there are only some schools have a special space for “research”.  I did not figure out any school out of the capital city, not because I did not have enough time to do it, just because I am kind of upset and a little bit pessimistic that maybe will be the same with the school in the capital school. Some schools promote their existence with this kind of slogan “get hired by companies domestically and internationally”.  Seems like some schools forgot about the tridharma perguruan tinggi of Indonesia.

  1. Pendidikan dan Pengajaran
  2. Penelitian dan Pengembangan
  3. Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat

It’s time to promote university based in entrepreneurship (knowledge commercialization). Where the university will be so eager enough to commercialize the knowledge by producing intellectual property. It triggers the individual interest in R&D and automatically triggers the technology transfer itself.  This one is the wildest dream I mentioned before, that the presence of agriculture institute directly in the region, committed to research and development will touch the community life directly. Step by step it will be happened for I have faith in a point of view that education is a foundation for economic growth. For modern agriculture sector here is some important major that is so crucial to be owned: Basic science,  Agronomy, Plant protection, Agric. Engineering, food science, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, Husbandry & dairy tech., Agribusiness & land management, and Forestry & Environment. We deserve to have an equality to access the best education. Time to reveal out the problem by intensively researching.



There is one phase in my master degree moment to face some horrible feelings that jeopardize my health occured by things do exist on head. I realized that they harm my self, but…those things are out of my controll (maybe) They are Loosing apptetite and Insomnia. 

1.Losing appetite:

Feel so strong to spew out all things inside your gut each time you get any kinds of food smell. Some people said that it is caused by stress and depression. Good suggestions for this suffering is just cooling down and shifting your focus (head) to something else new.

2. Insomnia

All normal people ever had this suffering. Head is feeling so busy and keep working even you try so hard to close your eyes and relax your body but unfortunately, head getting more tension and when you look in to your clock it shows 4 am. On your heart says (damn…i have to wake up earlier, but until this time can’t enjoy a deep sleeping). Good suggestion for this suffering is don’t move your hand for a sleeping pill, just stop thinking on your head is enough.

Getting thinner, getting looking older, getting more messy…those words are frequently addressed by my beloved ones to myself and so familiar in my ear. Another advice of mine is please decide it well if you want to pursue your post graduate degree. To keep your appearance cool and trendy don’t go to Biobusiness management master class. It is too complicated. How do you divide your mind into pure sciences and business (beghhhhh). But, if you want to challenge yourself come to follow my footprint, trust me, it is an interesting character building to be here (sometimes i feel that i have two or more personalities by facing it)…and don’t forget just be ready for an uncontrolled and terrible paralyzed on your head.


Save the clue

Adopting the idea of university based on entrepreneurship (means: not really /merely   to produce students to be a businessman in start-up or so  on/so forth). Since, this idea contributes significantly to national economic in some countries (developing, transition, and developed), shows that  it is very applicable into agricultural sector as well. Here, in order to enhance the agribusiness  performance, the interconnectedness between Agribusiness Extension, research and teaching is needed.

The agrilympians  wannabe should be able to figure out these in their plan.

Producing,  or

Marketing, or

consulting work


Yi ge, you de, hai shi dou shi ke yi la…heheheh

*Picture taken from  International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) , 2011



Di sini aku memulai kisahku:

Dear someone: who opens my eyes and my heart

Pertanyaan pertama: Aku tanyakan kepada diriku, mengapa hatiku mendambakannya, dan otakku memikirkannya:

Indeed: I only fall in love with the man’s mind. The way he talks and the way he acts.

Kenapa aku begitu lama untuk bertemu dengannya? Demikianlah pertanyaan bodoh ini muncul sesekali. Dia spesial, lain dari pada yang lain. Cukup jelas untuk menjawab pertanyaan pertamaku. Namun, karena hatiku memiliki banyak kalimat untuk menceritakannya, dengan senang hati aku akan menjelaskan ke “special” an nya. Sejak mengetahui sedikit hal tentang dia, aku tau kalau kami  pasti akan sangat cocok bila kami bercerita tentang sesuatu “hal” yang dimana sama-sama kami sukai dan kami sedang berjuang untuk “hal” tersebut. Pola perjuangan kami mungkin berbeda, tapi tujuan yang kami maksudkan adalah sama.

Pertama sekali berjumpa dengannya, menjabat tangannya, membalas senyumnya, aku tau kalau dia adalah sosok yang sangat humble. Entahlah waktu itu dia membaca kegrogianku, atau melihat keringat di keningku. Bukan karena panasnya matahari waktu itu, tapi keringat itu adalah karena aku sangat grogi dan waktu itu dia agak sedikit memuji penampilanku yang sebenarnya biasa saja. Dan, sebagai seseorang yang mengerti sedikit tentang yoga, ketika dia melewatkan pandangannya dari mataku, secara diam-diam aku tarik napas dan melepaskannya pelan-pelan maka dalam beberapa detik, kegrogian itupun bisa diatasi, dan normal kembali seperti semula. Akhirnya perbincangan dan canda pun dimulai. Tidak susah bagiku untuk tertawa lepas dan bicara apa saja dengannya. Dia memiliki kemampuan itu, yaitu membuat orang baru, nyaman bersamanya.  Aku memperhatikan setiap gerak-geriknya dan memang dia menawan. Kesan yang terpancar dari auranya adalah semangat dan ambisius yang sangat tinggi.

Dikemudian hari, berjumpa lagi dengannya, dan tetap karena pertemuan yang direncanakan. Dia memang begitu, auranya masih sama saja.

Dan cerita ini masih akan berlanjut, aku perlu bertanya pada diriku untuk pertanyaan ke dua dan seterusnya. Karena aku merindukan melihat wajahnya yang sangat keren ketika dia begitu serius dan sangat sibuk, namun sangat cute ketika dia sedang membuat lelucon.

Sejauh ini mungkin hanya mengaguminya, walaupun terpikirkan olehku untuk menjadi seseorang yang berarti disisinya.

Just wait for the end of this story,

No matter what, It is going to be happy ending

At least I am so happy by knowing him.

And i say thank GOD for he does exist in this earth

My imaginary Giant (are they do exist?)

After completing my chapter 1 to 3, personally i am so happy. I think everyone do the same thing, when we had something on our mind for many years, then we find  few people to help us  to figure out that problem, i am sure that we feel a truly satisfiction, don’t we?.

During my work to complete my proposal, i found that there are so many tenses in the study case that i did not see before. Surely, i am scare and afraid overdose. Totally, i was so surprised coz i got a very big problem and now is the time to erradicate it by my way, which i mean that my way is the different way with previous job by others.  No one ever done it before.

My worry is because of one term that i call GIANT(s), oh my GOD, i look at me, i am a very weak and small will do this thing, maybe some of my relatives will be my enemy. So what? What i will do? I was looking for a wise way, but i was reminded by the words that said: do the right thing not the good thing. The day is coming closer and closer, my heart is shaken and more. I sometimes was Looking for direction, what is the wise way to work in the safe mode? I found myself started to act like a loser, coz finding for a comfort zone. Thinking about it, sometimes makes me forget how is the feeling of a truly funny joke, how is the feeling of sleeping well, i close my eyes but my mind is working (i am so negative sometimes, and lately is so frequently) this is so painful and it is a vain, and i realize it. Some good words is not working for me, such as DO NOT BE WORRY FOR SOMETHING THAT MAY NOT HAPPENED, sound is very useless, can not motivate my self,  What is the kind of this syndrome? I do not know at all.

Are  those giants do exist?  Or am i thinking so much negatively ?

Sending your praying for me everyone. Thanks

Farmers: Let them know a lot of informations

Everyone there was hungry

for knowledge & Opportunity

which i very much hope we gave them

Youth are not only the problem solvers



When the agricultural product is overflow harvested in some countries especially in developing countries  (make its price faling down too deep and broke the farmer’s pocket)  why there is still malnourished people in the third world?.130620_jagung-antara

I have ever seen once for this situation directly on the farm. The farmer put those crops in the ground, and let the crops turn to be decomposed. One thing on my mind (because i saw their disappointed) came, it was “money (cost production) has gone, profit is just a dream”.  I could not do anything, i only can keep those expressions on my memory, but in that time i knew that hunger  had been happened in some places, many kids died because of malnourish pain. Maybe in that time my heart said “Many people need something to eat, but these people throw the food easily” (it always be my words to everybody who does not finish their meal). Can i blame them? Ofcourse not, instead, i have to understand them, that they lack the information so much. In that time, The hunger was happened in some countries in third world and Asia as well.

When i heard for the first time about the “world government “issue, the overflow harvested crops and hunger issues were the first things came into my mind. Therefore, those things are the only one reason, why i am personally so agree about world government. Did people see this opportunity?  But, world government is a very far future (i think), so i am not going  to talk about it, it is politic zone (do not understand much).

I’d love to share my idea based on my sight. If only the farmer know about the hunger outside, i think that they will be so delightfully will contribute their product to those people. But, yess…that there are so many rules if we want to address anything accross the sea get out of the port. In this case, i don’t mean that the farmers really send their products outside for free except we do not care about their welfare (In other word is if we want to kill the farmers), then, maybe it can be happened.

Simplely, i am  talking about trading on exporting part, by the way just want to emphasize that it is marketing zone. How to market the overflow agricultural harvested products, in order to get a better price.


Asumsi tanpa fakta hanya menghadirkan malapetaka: Penelitian adalah jawaban

Ampun dah,,Judul sepanjang itu, hehe

Beberapa kali ketika mengetikkan BEBERAPA  kata kunci yang ditujukan ke Sumatera Utara di laman Google, maka yang muncul adalah topik yang sama namun bukan di SUMUT melainkan di pulau Jawa. Apakah hal ini disebabkan oleh minimnya penelitian di Sumatera Utara atau hasil penelitian oleh peneliti tertentu tidak di publish secara online?. Hadirnya penelitian di suatu wilayah otomatis akan memberikan kontribusi terhadap kemajuan wilayah tersebut. Banyaknya jumlah penelitian merupakan wujud dari tingginya minat peneliti untuk melakukan penelitian di wilayah tersebut.

Kesadaran akan pentingnya melakukan penelitian menjadi faktor pendorong agar peneliti semakin gencar melakukan penelitian, namun kesadaran tanpa disertai dengan fasilitas yang memadai tentulah menjadi hambatan untuk melakukan penelitian. Adapun fasilitas yang diperlukan oleh peneliti sebagai sumber dayanya yang paling utama adalah DATA. Slogan Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) yang menyatakan “data mencerdaskan bangsa” adalah benar bahwa data secara langsung atau tidak langsung berguna bagi kebaikan bangsa. ketersediaan data yang akurat akan memampukan peneliti lebih detil untuk mengidentifikasi permasalahan dan kemudian menemukan solusi yang tepat untuk menyelesaikan suatu permasalahan. Apabila data tidak akurat, maka bisa dipastikan hasil penelitian adalah hasil yang gagal karena tidak memiliki kontribusi apapun dalam menyelesaikan suatu konflik.

Zaman internet masa kini telah memudahkan para peneliti untuk mengakses data secara online tanpa harus pergi ke kantor dinas yang bersangkutan, mempersiapkan surat pengantar yang katanya itu adalah syarat administrasi, lalu menunggu berjam-jam di kantor tersebut, kemudian pulang tanpa mendapatkan apa-apa karena data tidak tersedia. Hampir semua lembaga pemerintahan sudah memiliki website jadi seharusnya peneliti sudah tidak mengalami kondisi menyedihkan tersebut lagi. Tapi, apakah benar-benar demikian? Tidak. Data masih saja tidak tersedia ataupun terkadang data yang tesedia adalah data yang tidak up to date.

Masalah  ini akan menjadi tantangan bagi peneliti di Provinsi Sumatera Utara untuk melakukan proyek penelitiannya. Apabila pemerintah ingin serius meningkatkan pembangunan di Sumatera Utara, maka seharusnya kegiatan penelitian lebih digencarkan lagi, menghimbau semua dinas pemerintahan untuk meningkatkan ketersediaan dan keakuratan data.  Sudah saatnya daerah-daerah di Sumatera Utara sekalipun yang paling terpencil, disentuh oleh penelitian, jika tidak maka pembangunan tidak akan berjalan, atau pembangunan akan berat sebelah.

Universitas di Sumatera Utara juga memiliki peranan yang sangat penting. Sudah saatnya memikirkan penelitian yang berkontribusi terhadap kehidupan masyarakat. Kecenderungan mahasiswa untuk melakukan penelitian adalah hanya karena syarat mata kuliah, dengan kata lain syarat untuk mendapatkan ijazah. kebiasaan ini harus diberantas kembali lagi mengingat tri darma perguruan tinggi bahwa mahasiswa dididik melakukan penelitian dan memiliki pengabdian pada masyarakat.  Mengimplementasikan penelitian terhadap kehidupan masyarakat adalah tanggung jawab yang harus diemban oleh mahasiswa baik selama pendidikan maupun setelah alumni. Hal ini juga tidak terlepas dari peranan universitas untuk mendorong mahasiswa mencintai dunia penelitian. Sehingga kelak mahasiswa tidak ragu untuk memilih karir menjadi peneliti.

Mari kita belajar dari negara-negara maju yang sangat gencar melakukan penelitian, bukan hanya di dalam negara mereka, tapi juga ke luar negeri. Misalnya di Taiwan, para mahasiswa strata sarjana, magister dan doktor tidak menghadapi kendala mengenai ketersediaan data. Data dari setiap lembaga pemerintahan dengan mudahnya diakses, bahkan apabila para peneliti dan calon peneliti tersebut tidak memperoleh data yang diinginkan, dengan bebasnya mereka akan mengirim permohonan melalui e-mail pribadi dialamatkan ke e-mail pemerintah atau perusahaan lalu mereka akan tahu apakah data tersebut tersedia atau data tersebut adalah sesuatu yang rahasia. Hal ini tentu membuat para peneliti maupun calon peneliti di Taiwan merasa percaya diri untuk melanjutkan proyek penelitian, karena data yang mendukung   identifikasi dan penyelesaian masalah bisa doperoleh.

Kehadiran universitas sangat berperan nyata pada kemajuan pembangunan di negara ini. Penelitian yang dilaksanakan oleh mahasiswa menjadi acuan bagi dinas pertanian dan dinas peternakan seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh salah satu distrik di Taiwan yaitu di Tainan, dimana pada setiap divisi akan ditemui minimal 3 jurnal yang sudah terbit skala internasional. Print-out jurnal tersebut bukan dalam kertas A4 melainkan dalam bentuk poster lalu ditempelkan di dinding, dan ada jurnal lainnya dalam print-out A4 yang juga menjadi referensi mereka untuk melakukan penelitian dan pengembangan. Apakah yang bisa dilihat dari  peristiwa ini adalah bahwa kontribusi penelitian bagi pengembangan pertanian dan peternakan sangat berpengaruh nyata bagi kesuksesan Taiwan, sehingga negara yang tandus itu pun bisa menjadi negara pengekspor hasil-hasil pertanian ke negara sesubur Indonesia.

Sumatera Utara harus memiliki cita-cita yang baru, yaitu menjadi gudang penelitian dan wilayah lahirnya peneliti-peneliti handal yang berskala internasional. Yang akan memberikan kontribusi terhadap kemajuan bangsa Indonesia secara khusus dan dunia secara umum. Sudah saatnya memiliki pola pikir bahwa fondasi dari pembangunan adalah penelitian, oleh karena itu adalah baik jika mendukung peneliti dan calon peneliti mengerjakan proyek penelitiannya.

Bukanlah suatu hal yang mustahil bagi Sumatera Utara untuk  melakukan hal yang demikian tidak perlu waktu berpuluh-puluh tahun untuk mewujudkan hal tersebut apabila kerja sama antara pemerintah (termasuk semua dinas pemerintahan) dan universitas berbenah diri meningkatkan  kualitas penelitian. Ketersediaan data dari setiap dinas-dinas pemerintahan yang akurat dan memadai  tanpa memiliki sifat administrasi yang sangat rumit untuk memperoleh data yang sederhana sekalipun, serta peranan universitas dalam melakukan penelitian yang berkontribusi terhadap kehidupan masyarakat adalah langkah awal untuk Sumatera Utara yang lebih baik.